History of Radio sport in Mongolia

MRSF Brief introduction

In Mongolia, Radio sport began in 1958 and established Central Radio club. The main goal of the Central Radio club was to prepare the radio operators for Mongolian Army. Since that time, the club introduced to the public the radio techniques, amateur radio and high speed telegraphy. The first high speed telegraphy class established by Russian specialist Juravnitsky Kazmer Nikolaevich. The class was equipped by the equipment from Soviet Union.

In 1957, very first time in Mongolian history, Czechoslovakian Embassy’s communication operator Klauchik. L had operating on HF as amateur using JT1AA callsign. In 1960, The Club station started operating on HF as JT1KAA Mr. Dambii. B as JT1AG and had providing JT qsl confirmations to the Amateur radio World. UW3DI type hand made transceiver was popular transmitter and receiver among Mongolian HAM’s until mid of 1990’s. They made their own UW3DI type transceiver and operated on HF bands.

In November 1958, first HST team successfully participated by the invitation in International Tournament that held among Socialist countries. In this team were: Demberelsambuu. K, Purev. S, Yondon. D and Suren. Ch JT1AH, who was the first lady HAM in the country.

In 1962, first HST Championship of Mongolia held and Tuul. H won the Gold medal and become an Eldest Champion of our country. Since then, the Championship of HST became regular Event in the Country.

In 1973, first ARDF team participated in the International Competition among youth in Czechoslovakia and Dashtseren. D won Bronze medal in his category. ARDF is one of the widely developed sports in Mongolia and our team regularly participating World and International Events. Munkhdelgereh. E, Ganbaatar. E, Ariunaa. A, Khaliunaa are became multiple times Champions of Asia.

Since it’s existing, MRSF representing Mongolia to the IARU.