How to apply Mongolian Amateur Radio License

MRSF entrusted organization by Communication Regulatory Commission of Mongolia (CRC) to receive and examine all amateur radio license applications in Mongolia and provide its conclusion about applicants to CRC. Upon MRSF conclusion and other documents CRC will issue and renew Amateur Radio License to both Mongolian and foreigners.

CRC authorized MRSF to take examination, to inspect applicant’s radio equipment, provide Amateur Radio Callsign and collect both CRC and MRSF service fees.

Applicants must provide following documents to MRSF to obtain Amateur Radio License in Mongolia.



-Passport copy (page with names and photo)

-Copy of Mongolian visa for temporary amateur radio license.

-Residency permit and ID for one year amateur radio license.

-Copy of Home amateur radio License if there is

-The result of Examine taken by MRSF.

-Fee, temporary License 80.00USD up to five weeks, permanent License 120.00USD up to one year.

All fees must be paid to MRSF bank account.

Foreigners must apply for amateur radio license FOUR weeks ahead for your planned operation in Mongolia for possessing your license. After checking and screening all your applied documents MRSF will send its conclusion and other Documents to CRC for License.

Please contact MRSF for application.

Note for foreigners: Please do not announce your operation until you get your Amateur Radio License.